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Whether you’re installing a new system or replacing your old one, call Maritime!  


At Maritime, we have a highly skilled team that will handle every aspect of your project. We handle the excavating, perk tests, drawings and soil testing to permits, paper work, inspections, and the actual installation of your septic system.

Complete septic system installation and repair

Repairing blocked sewers

Sewer backing up in your basement? Could be many common issues such as roots, a collapsed sewer pipe, feminine products, disposable wipes, a child’s toy or something as simple as too much toilet paper.


Maritime has many tools to assist you with your situations. We can start by auguring your sewer, televising the location of the blockage and lastly if needed excavating and replacing the blockage or broken pipe. In addition to your repairs will also coordinate your permits and inspections.

Complete septic system services


Hassle-free septic system installation and sewer repairs

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